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Overnight Stays at your home.

Laura Decoster 
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During an overnight stay, I usually arrive between 6-7 pm. This allows me time for playtime, a longer walk, plant watering, and extra cuddling! During these longer overnights, I will generally spend the extra time hanging out with your pets and keeping them company. For households with a lot of pets, this extra time also allows me to perform any additional tasks that are hard to complete during the day visits. Included evening walk & feed and morning walk & feed.

Are you going on vacation any time soon?  Taking your dog or cat out of their familiar surroundings and taking them to a kennel can be stressful. That's why I aim to fill that void and provide your dog with the utmost care at your home while reducing stress and ensuring a fun and stimulating experience. 


I most commonly see overnight stays being used for dogs, but that is not to say that some cats do not appreciate them!  If you have pets used to and enjoy company in the evenings, then overnights would be a good fit. You also may have pets that need to be monitored more closely due to health problems or are young and exuberant and need more exercise!


Standard Overnight Stays

per night   $70

(1 pet)

Extra pet: +$10

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in-house stay


In addition to the Standard overnight stay, I will also visit your pet(s) for a daytime walk.

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